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About Love Unlimited


Our Mission

To help enrich the lives of underprivileged youth in Jamaica so they grow to be successful educated leaders who end the cycle of poverty and preserve the world with love.

Our vision

For every child to have the supplies needed to excel in their education and to feel love during the holidays as each child should have a gift at Christmas.

Who Is Love Unlimited

Love Unlimited Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity based in Miami, FL and was founded in 2011. Love Unlimited is committed to supplying poor and needy children in Jamaica from Pre-K – 5th grade with school supplies for their upcoming school year and wrapped toys during the holidays.

How Love Unlimited began

Our founder and president decided to continue her love for giving back to children after teaching vacation bible school in Los Angeles, CA during high school and doing years of missionary work in different countries. She is Jamaican by nationality and an American by birth. After becoming a mother, her love for giving back strengthened and she founded Love Unlimited to inspire children living below the poverty line to become great educated leaders.

What We Do




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We provide backpacks and school supplies to underprivileged children in Jamaica. The children receive their school items during our Annual LOVE U Camp. Our day camp/vacation bible school takes place in July/August in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica.

LOVE U camp is a time for the children living in poverty to embrace God, embrace who they are, be creative and have fun. It is also when the backpacks and school supplies that have been donated are distributed.

The children are grouped by age and participate in different activities such as; bible lessons, arts and crafts, music and sports. At closing ceremonies on the last day of camp children receive their donated backpacks full of school supplies. Children who provide a copy of their present school grading report showing they received; all A’s, or placed top five in their class are also recognized.



On the last day of camp, the children have a chance to express THEIR LOVE during a talent show at our closing ceremony celebration. Each age group has an opportunity to display their talent in the area of dance, song, playing an instrument or poetry.



Lift your head

Open your heart

Visit your soul

Embrace your spirit




Love Unlimited continues efforts to help the youth in Jamaica throughout the fall with a Holiday Toy Drive and Book Drive. The drive runs from October – December. The children in Jamaica receive their new toys and donated books the week before Christmas.

How It Works:


YOU are part of our team too!! You donate your love by check or credit card to provide a child with a backpack with school supplies or with a Christmas gift during the holidays.


We pack and ship new backpacks and new school supplies in the summer and Christmas toys and donated books in the winter. All shipments are done in Miami, FL.


Children receive their educational items in July/August at our LOVE U Camp and their Christmas toys and donated books in December at our GIVE WITH LOVE Toy Drive Giveaway in St. Ann, Jamaica.

Why We Do It

Why Help?

In 2011, 52% of all unemployed people in Jamaica had no formal educational qualification

50% of first time job seekers had no certification either

17.6% or 500,000 people in Jamaica are living below the poverty line in a population of 2.9 million

Youth ages 15-24 makeup 19.5% of those living in poverty

Minimum wage is $5,000 JMD/wk., $50 US

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The Dillon Mott Scholars are children who attend our LOVE U Camp and have exemplified high achievement in school. Children who provide a copy of their present school grading report showing they received; all A’s (mastery) in each subject, or math and science or placed top five in their class are recognized. Your donations can provide our scholars with funding for their upcoming school year and assist with uniform and textbook costs.

The Scholar Award is named after our President’s grandfather who was a community teacher in Orange Hill-St. Ann, Jamaica. The Love Unlimited Foundation strives to teach and show children the importance of education as it is the key and foundation of any goal.

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LOVE U Camp 2012 – 9 Scholars

LOVE U Camp 2013 – 30 Scholars

How Many Youths Have We Helped?

LOVE U Camp 2012 – 150 children received a backpack with school supplies

LOVE U Camp 2013 – 210 children received a backpack with school supplies

Give With Love 2012 – 200 children received a Christmas gift

GIVE WITH LOVE 2013, 240 children received Christmas gifts.


Teana Woolcock

Teana Woolcock

President/Founder/LOVE U Camp Director

Originally born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Teana was exposed to giving back and volunteering through various mission trips internationally throughout her teens. She also had the privilege of teaching vacation bible school during the summertime when she was in high school. At the age of 7 she took her first plane ride by herself to St. Ann, Jamaica to spend the summer with her grandfather. Thereafter, she spent many summers in Jamaica learning her culture, the dialect, the way of life and most notably the importance of God. It was these trips that shaped her love for giving back. Teana graduated on the Dean’s List from Florida Southern College with a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. She moved to Miami in 2007. She is a mother who proudly embraces her background as her parents and grandparents are Jamaican. Her summer vacation trip to Jamaica in 2011 touched her heart in a different way when she saw the need for help with obtaining an education and when she returned, Love Unlimited was founded. In her free time she loves to dance, listen to music and perfect the art of taking pictures.

Teana’s heart on Love Unlimited

“I am grateful to have founded and be a part of an organization that is improving the lives of children through generosity. Education is the key to any door and is the foundation of any goal. To develop a love for learning in young children is to instill hope in our world. There is no greater love than to be able to share love! Our footsteps determine our world and establishing this organization allows our hearts and yours to change lives and change the cycle of poverty.”

Danelle Hunn

Danelle Hunn

Board Member

A native of Los Angeles, CA, Danelle graduated from Cal State University Dominguez Hills with a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Before joining Love Unlimited in 2011, she had the pleasure of traveling to Mexico, Samoa and Jamaica as a missionary to serve and seed young hearts and minds with love, knowledge and confidence for the future. Danelle is a wife, mother, business woman and a missionary at heart through her daily actions. In her free time you can catch her devouring books; and learning about different people in different parts of the world.

Danelle’s heart on Love Unlimited

“My decision to get involved with Love Unlimited was easy… I’m a mom, I’ve been to Jamaica and I was overwhelmed by the unity, love and oneness that symbolize the island. For this reason, helping children in Jamaica grow into brilliant citizens of the world was natural.”

Sally Mott

Sally Mott

Love U Camp Coordinator

A native of St. Ann, Jamaica, Sally has a great background in education as her father was a teacher. She attended York Castle High School in Brown’s Town, St. Ann before moving to Los Angeles, CA in her teens. She studied Accounting at Santa Monica College. She has a broad background in the arts as she has been in several Caribbean pageants and won titles as well as marching in the 1984 Olympics. She is a mother who empowers all children to strive for success. In 2008 she moved to Miami to be closer to her grandchildren and her homeland. She continues her love for children as a part of the Love Unlimited Team. When not being a wonderful motivator you can catch her listening to reggae music, enjoying a soccer game or spending time with her children.

Sally’s heart on Love Unlimited

“Children are the foundation of our future and it is important for them to be equipped with proper tools for learning both academically and morally. I feel Love Unlimited is a charity that will pave the way for the children to achieve their full potential. The love that they will experience through this foundation will encourage them to be strong and confident individuals.”

Matthew Gallimore

Matthew Gallimore

Love U Camp Sports Coordinator

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Matthew has been around Jamaican culture since birth as both of his parents are Jamaican. Matthew spent a vast amount of time around his grandparents in Los Angeles and Jamaica while growing up. He was exposed to Jamaica’s history every day through the sounds of reggae music that his parents played. Matthew has a well-rounded background with children and education as he has spent over 7 years in the youth sector with the YMCA organization. He currently is finishing his bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Arts/Television at Cal State University Dominguez Hills. In his free time you can catch Matthew playing basketball, football, watching sports or listening to music.

Matthew’s heart on Love Unlimited

“I am a part of Love Unlimited because I want to do my part to make sure we have a better tomorrow. It all starts with us and giving back to those in need. When someone realizes what you did for them it will impact them for the rest of their life and they will have the motivation to pay it forward in the future. If we don’t take the time to give back then we have failed society as a whole. Love Unlimited has given me an opportunity to make these differences on an international level and I look forward to doing more with the foundation.”

Support the Vision


Want to support our LOVE U Camp and the children who attend?

The Love Unlimited Foundation recognizes generous donors who make operating gifts of $500 or more to our charity annually. The Annual Fund provides the fiscal foundation necessary to allow Love Unlimited to fulfill its mission to prepare students with the supplies they need to achieve higher education.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela


Annual Membership Gift Levels

Bronze Heart: $500 – $1,000

Silver Heart: $1,000 – $1,500

Gold Heart $1,500 – $2,000

Platinum Heart: $2,000 – $5,000

President’s Heart: $5,000 – $10,000

Seeding Hearts

(Donations over $500.00) 2012-2013

-Wells Fargo Capital Finance Santa Monica, CA

-Barry Woolcock


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Volunteer love

Assist and help us to fundraise money for our Love U Camp and GIVE WITH LOVE events and recruit potential donors. Email us at info@loveunlimitedfoundation.org today to get involved.

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Share love by supporting our mission through facebook_icon and twitterbig.  #LoveUnlimited

Partner with Love

Love Unlimited is extremely interested in partnering with organizations and companies that have a commitment to strengthening the success of youth through education. We are requesting your support to help less fortunate youth who strive to be successful. Our Dillon Mott scholars need help to fund uniforms, textbooks and school fees. We are a strong and unified world when internationally all children can afford an education and be economically and socially able to end the cycle of poverty. Please email us at info@loveunlimitedfoundation.org to help our mission.